The company OTTIMO has been a manufacturer of corn curls since 1999, and from the very beginning of its activity it uses only natural organic materials. The technological process complies fully with the national standards DSTU +2903:2005. High effectiveness is a result of uninterruptable control by the company’s in-house certified laboratory and of certification by organs of the Derzhstandart. Products under the trading name OTIIMO are popular among children and adults as a tasty and wholesome food.

Food industry develops rapidly and many manufacturers, under the temptation to use artificially made synthetic admixtures or substitutes, refuse from classical traditional organic ingredients and do not follow DSTU standards.

Substitutes in general have no energy value and are bad for nutrient intake. Many artificial sweeteners are 100 times sweeter than sugar but their caloric value is slim to none. Nearly all of them are detrimental to health. More than 150 kinds of artificial sweeteners are used now with substitution coefficient from 1 to 250, in other words, 1Kg of simulated sugar can substitute 250Kg of natural sugar. Most of these substitutes are not certified for using in food industry and forbidden in Ukraine.

Use of substituted ingredients leads to cost–cutting in 10-15 times.

Some manufacturers prefer artificial sweeteners because they permit to reduce content of such ingredient as oil. The stage in a manufacturing process when corn curls are sprayed by oil and powdered may be minimized or excluded at all.

It’s clear enough that various kinds of sugar substitutes are used to considerably reduce a cost of production. Cornmeal of bad quality also gives cutting of price of the ready product.

Sometimes manufacturers use cornmeal which is half-price comparing with certified confectionary cornmeal of high quality.

Use of substitutes and simulated products leads to the following consequences:

• the product becomes detrimental to health of children and adults;
• reduction of a production cost desirable for many manufacturers;
• degradation of physical and chemical properties of the product and, as a result, violation of the DSTU standards;
• low level of energetic and caloric value of the product;
• low market price of the product made by using substituted ingredients.

OTTIMO’s Achievements and Awards:

In 2012 the company was among finalists of the contest ‘100 The Best Ukrainian Products’.

Grand-Prix and Seal of Quality ‘Vyshcha Proba’ was awarded to OTTIMO for production of high quality standards.

In the National Business Rating ‘Leader of the Branch’ OTTIMO was distinguished by medals in 2006, 2011,2012, 2014, 2021.

The company successfully participated in the International Project for consumers’ rights protection ‘Quality Seal’.